Ukraina Inc Investment Project

Ukraina, Inc. is creating a new business opportunity - Ukraina Investments (UI). The purpose of UI is to start a small investment fund that will allow us to accumulate money for buying real estate in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

We are going to focus on buying apartments and single family houses, on fixing and renovating them to rent them out or to resell for higher prices. It's also possible that we will consider building new houses as well.

This segment of real estate market is very profitable and much safer for foreign investors than other investment opportunities.

It is very profitable because they do not have enough housing for Ukrainian people. Because, there is not enough hotels and motels in Ukraine, especially - with affordable rates, renting housing on daily and weekly basis is booming. Also, by this time there is no tax laws to regulate this segment of real estate market.

It is safer than other investment opportunities, because this segment of the real estate market and Ukrainian market in general is being much less controlled by the state and corrupted government officials.

If you would like to discuss your participation in this project, please, feel free to contact us with 'Ukraina Investments' in the subject line.



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    February 2017